How to Keep Your Company Open During Renovation or Expansion


Expanding and renovating your business can be an exciting project. Whether your goal is to add more area or to spruce up your already established space, all of the work can be done while your business is operating. On top of your regular day-to-day operations, you have to be mindful of the safety and comfort of your employees and customers, communicating with them throughout the duration of the project, and essentially not allowing the renovation to get in the way of your success. Even though operating your company while renovating and/or expanding seems like an overwhelming task, it can be done. In order for the implementation to be handled smoothly by all involved, focus on thorough communication, extensive planning and all-inclusive safety.

Thorough Communication.

From start to finish, constant communication is key. Not only is the communication between the business owner and the contractor important, but also supplying all necessary information to employees is crucial to a successful completion of your renovation or expansion project. Communicating the intent and reasoning can mitigate guessing and concerns. According to Interior Architects, “Presenting plans, renderings, and sample boards to the broader staff to communicate the vision and intent of the renovations is a good way to get the news out and dispel concerns.” Making customers aware may also help with a smoother conversion.

Planning Ahead.

Thorough planning prior to beginning the construction work paves the way for a solid understanding for the business owner, the contractor and all workers involved. Working together to establish a plan and laying guidelines will alleviate uncomfortable and potentially unsafe situations. Devise a schedule that makes it possible for the construction to take place in less important areas during business hours and more central, heavy traffic areas after hours, if possible, or during less busy times of the day. This may not always be feasible, depending on the type of company you have, but doing your due diligence to plan accordingly is well worth the effort.

Focus on Safety.

Planning and communication assist with cultivating a safe and productive work environment for everyone involved. Provide documentation to customers so they are aware and can be mindful of what is happening. Additionally, ensure that your employees are aware of the hazards that come along with the renovation. Offer your employees proper personal protective equipment or alternative workspaces to alleviate a potentially unsafe and/or uncomfortable work environment. Construction usually brings with it equipment, tools and foreign objects to their regular working environment. Making them aware and encouraging them to be mindful can help diminish a hazardous environment.

To learn more about how to keep your company open during renovation, contact an expert at ACI today. We’ve experienced this with many clients, and can surely lead you on the path to success.






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