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The Design Part of Design Build [Video]

ACI has always strived to be at the forefront of innovation in the construction industry. This includes new ways of organizing projects. Today, we are sitting down with George Ray, President and...

What Are the Differences Between Industrial, Medical, and Institutional Construction? [Video]

Different industries have different requirements of the buildings they use. A hospital will probably have different needs than a factory or a school. To understand where these needs come into...

What does COVID-19 Mean for your Construction Project [Video]

The current Coronavirus crisis has left many businesses in a lurch. Some have had to shut down completely, others have been allowed to resume business operations under certain safety procedures....

Expansion Planning Checklist Part 3: Considerations When Planning your Budget for your Project

  At the conception of any major construction project, before anything else can be determined, the budget must be thoroughly thought through. The budget helps to establish the allotted amount of...

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