7 Benefits of Design-Build Construction


You might have never heard of the method of Design-Build construction, but this approach to project inception and delivery is not a brand new one. It is, however, rising in popularity, and rightly so. Here are 7 of the top benefits of Design-Build Construction.

Time and Money Savings

When both the design and build phases are planned together from the outset of a project, costs  have to be determined by everyone for each stage of the work up front. That means fewer dollar sign surprises and less time wasted on delays due to negotiations once the project changes hands. Studies have concretely shown that Design-Build is the most efficient and economical method for project delivery*.

Risk Reduction

With cost and timeline established accurately and early on, little room is left for surprises throughout the project’s life, in terms of financial risk. Additionally, because all members of every phase of the project are working together as a team, everyone is being held accountable for mistakes made. Design contractors can’t point fingers at the construction contractors, and vice versa, because they are all working on the same side.

Owner Involvement

If you want to be actively involved in the success and aesthetic of your own project, then Design-Build is the method for you. Owner participation in the idea generation and concrete execution of their own project is a key element of Design-Build. Get your ideas heard by the same team every step of the way.

More Flexibility

Part of this cohesive, collaborative method means that from the first meeting, everyone has the same goal in mind. It also means that all approaches and ideas are created equal and are heard and decided as a group. With the stressful bidding process removed between the design and build stages, everyone can be present to hear each other out and carve a customized path for each project together.

Increased Communication

Miscommunication between the designers and the builders is one of the toughest and most common roadblocks during a construction project. Gaps in communication can lead to two teams taking a project in different directions, which can delay the entire project, add costs, and so on. Design-Build means all hands on deck from the idea stage at the beginning of a project, guaranteeing that every participant is on the same page from the beginning and can communicate until construction is complete.

Better Quality

The result of combining two, often conflicting, separate stages of a project into one collaborative team that only succeeds if all members work together is practically guaranteed to be of higher quality. The entire group takes responsibility for their own performance as a whole, resulting in greater accountability to provide the best end product possible.

Higher Innovation

The greater number of experiences, intelligent minds that can put their heads together, the more innovative the ideas are as a result of brainstorming sessions. Design-Build method continues to grow year after year because of the success of teamwork and transparency. When teams aren’t competing, they are working harder to share ideas and produce the architecture of both the present and the future.

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